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Our Drinks Menu
Sizzall Buffet & BBQ Grill
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House Wine


1. Pinot Grigio (Italy) ABV 11.5%
Produced from grapes of the same name. It is dry, with an intense, delicate aroma and a straw-yellow colour.
125ml glass £3.00 / 250ml glass £3.85 / Bottle £9.95

2. Jean Juilen (France) ABV 10.5% The nose develops an aromatic, floral bouquet. In the mouth, this elegant medium sweet style wine is soft, drinkable with sweet tropical flavours.
125ml glass £3.00 / 250ml glass £3.85 / Bottle £9.95


3. Merlot (Italy) ABV 12%
This wine has an intense ruby red colour with blue reflections, very smooth yet complex. Well balanced with an aroma that hints of blackberries and vanilla.
125ml glass £3.00 / 250ml glass £3.85 / Bottle £9.95


4. finot Grigio Pink (Italy) ABV 11.5%
A dry wine of intense pink-red, fermented under controlled temperature for crispiness and freshness with an excellent floral aroma and intense bouquet.
125ml glass £3.00 / 250ml glass £3.85 / Bottle £9.95

White Wine

5. Orchid Boulevard Sauvignon Blanc (USA) ABV 13%
Notes of zesty key lime and lychee intertwined with kumquat and freshly cut dill aromas. The palate displays expressive fruit, accompanied by a mildly creamy middle palate that peaks with a crisp flesh zesty finish.
Bottle £12.95

6. Cape Mountain Chenin Blane (South Africa) ABV 12.5%
Crisp and flesh with a combination of green apple, kiwi fruit and ripe fig aromas. The crisp acidity is well balanced by the ripe fruit flavours that all linger on the aftertaste.
Bottle £12.95

7. Schmitt Sohne Riesling (Germany) ABV9.5%
This medium bodied Riesling has a peach and russet apple aromas, a firm and fiuity palate, and crisp acidity that results in a well balanced, easy drinking wine.
Bottle £12.95

8. Willowglen Semillon Chardonnay (Australia) ABV 12%
A remarkable wine, intensely flagrant; dry, fresh, smooth balanced and complex.
Bottle £13.95

9. Trivento Viognier (Argentina) ABV 13.5%
Enticing fruit flavours jump out of the glass in this delightfully fragrant viognier from Argentinia. Delicate and succulent.
Bottle £14.45

10. Victor Berard Chablis (France) ABV 12%
Floral and slightly smoky aromas. Stone and minerally mouth feel, fine and elegant with a persistent aromatic freshness.
Bottle £16.95

Red Wine

11. Tolva Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile) ABV 12.5%
Silky smooth red with irresistible blackcurrant aromas.
Bottle £12.45

12. Cape Mountain Shiraz (South Afiica) ABV 13.5%
Smooth and juicy entry with assertive black berry fruit flavours. medium bodied, displaying juicy blackcurrant flavours and tobacco spice aromas.
Bottle £12.95

13. Chemin des Papes Cotes Du Rhone (France) ABV 14%
Nice bouquet of spicy red cherries and oak. Mid to light in body, with cherry fruit over some quite pronounced and rustic tannins.
Bottle £13.95

14. Sonsierra Rioja (Spain) ABV 13%
Soft, firm, fruit flavours mixed with intense vanilla and spicy flavours that deliver an elegant, smooth style.
Bottle £14.45

15. Trivento Malbec (Argentina) ABV 14%
Juicy red fruit on the palate, with a dash of black pepper and rounded tannins, with a medium intensity and a great, well balanced finish.
Bottle £16.25

16. Louis Latour Domaine De Valmoissine Pinot Noir (France) ABV 13.5%
A bouquet redolent of raspberry, blackberry and game. In the mouth it is round with supple tannins and subtle dried flower notes.
Bottle £18.95

Rose Wine

17. Orchid Boulevard White Zinfandel (California) ABV 10.5%
Aromas of fresh strawberries, pomegranate and hints of floral undertones. The palate expresses bountiful fruits like strawberries, blueberry and cherries with good balance throughout. Lasting acidity and a hint of sweetness.
Bottle £12.95

Champagne & Sparkling

18. Asti Spumante (Italy) ABV 7% - £15.95
An aromatic, sparkling Piemontese wine, based on the naturally sweet and grapey Moscato Bianco variety which adorns the limestone hillsides around the town of Asti. Produced by a second tank of fermentation it retains a persistent mousse and a racy bouquet of elderflower.

19. Moet & Chandon (France) ABV 12% - £39.50
A complete and elegant blend of more than 200 crus of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, Brut Imperial combines generosity and delicacy with maturity and freshness.